Monday, June 2, 2008

Independent Hours Reflection

• What have I learned about myself through this experience?
Through this experience what I've learned that babysitting someone under 6 is no joke and I'll never do it again. Also that when I'm in tough situation I don't really seem to break down at all. I stay mentally tough and continue on without hurting somebody.

. What more needs to be done?
There is nothing really more to be done except that the child be put into a cage and thrown into the jungle but other than that I guess I can work a little more on keeping my composure.

• How will service learning change your future behaviors/attitudes/and career?
Service learning really gave me a closer look at myself and my career. I know now when I get older I won't look into a career dealing with young children. Also that children could really be the devil and in the future I'll think twice before I put myself in the situation where I'm responsible anyone 10yrs or more younger than me.

Service Learning Planning-final week

For this upcoming week we'll talk about the food drive that we would be starting this week. Were going to continue making our posters and boxes where the foods would be stored to give to to the homeless. Afterwards we should be getting back to the topic of helping out at a homeless shelter. Whether its helping to clean up or serve food.

That is what were going to cover in this weeks meeting on Thursday.

To sum up the bulk of the work is done but we still have a little more work to get done and with the way our group is working we'll be done in no time at all.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lennie- Motif

Lennie is a tall, mentally challenged, and very strong man. Now Lennie being that he has a mental disability he has to sort take up after another man named George whom is like a brother and father to him being that he takes care of him. But Lennie always seems to find himself in crazy circumstances by doing foolish things that lands him in a world of trouble.

Lennie had a puppy that he just couldn’t put down. He took this puppy everywhere he went even though George told him not to take him from his mother because of its young age. He didn’t listen to George the first couple times and try to take the puppy to his bedroom. So to get Lennie to listen to him and behave George threatened to not let Lennie fulfill his dream in tending the rabbits. Later one day Lennie was in the shaft playing with the puppy and once again his strong hands proved fatal, killing the puppy leaving Lennie to say I didn’t mean to, I did a bad bad thing.

Throughout the stay at the ranch Lennie crushed a man’s hand, killed a puppy, and you would think that this would be all, no. Lennie had to go out with a bang, right like always. Later one afternoon during a horse shoe tournament outside Lennie was inside the shaft mourning the death of his puppy. Soon afterwards Curley’s wife came inside, but let me get straight to the point. She let him pet her soft hear, he wouldn’t let go, she screamed, and he snapped her neck killing her. This infuriated Curley and the men on the ranch and the search was on to kill Lennie who already left on foot to the hideout him and George had. Soon after George found Lennie before the other men could and shot him in the head because he didn’t want another man to kill his friend.

In conclusion Lennie was just a troublemaker everywhere he went even though he tried to keep the peace, but it wasn’t working for him, he just was to strong for his own good. Eventually someone was going to kill him whether it was George or another man so it was for the best when Lennie was shot and murdered, he would’ve understood.

Service Learning Reflection

In the service learning meeting this past week we put aside the homeless shelters and hygene packets and got on the topic of advertisement. We spent the whole class period making posters to hang up around the school about the upcoming food drive were having next week. I wrapped a couple boxes and decorated them and also made a poster like another five of us did. Afterwards we cleaned up the big mess that we/ve made and headed on our way.
To conclude the service learning meeting was a huge sucess and we got a whole lot of work done and I think the upcoming food drive will go pretty well for our groupand I'm looking forward to the closing weeks of our project.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of Mice and Men- Theme

There were many themes in Mice and Men but I've decided to talk about one that was most interesting to me, brotherhood. Now in Of Mice and Men brotherhood is sort of the main theme between the men on the farm and especially George and Lennie. Being that they are on a farm brotherhood would be a key factor because on a farm what you have to do is work together to get the job done. But in the case of George and Lennie they are working togehter to live a dream in living on their own acres of land where Lennie gets to tend the rabbits.

George and Lennie has been together for quite sometime now being that Lennie's aunt died. George has sort of been a big brother to Lennie taking him from town to town, finding them jobs, all in the pursuit of their dream. This is the perfect example of brotherhood. Being that one man takes the responsibility of another man and puts the load on their shoulders while trying to fulfill a dream. Well I don't know about you but I don't think brotherhood can get any better than this, this is the best of the best. I know I wouldn't do this in a million years but George sure did thats why him and Lennie is my theme for brotherhood.

To sum up even though Lennie had a mental disability George stilled put up with him through all his troubles and stayed with him when he could've kicked him to the curb. George and Lennie had a nice brotherhood even though it had to be cut short with George shooting Lennie they had a nice life and maybe George still would live the dream not just for himself but also for Lennie.

Service Learning Planning

For this week upcoming meeting we are going to talk about our food drive and how we are going to set up this process. Also when exactly were going to begin the food drive and how were going to advertise to let everyone else know about it. Then later we are going to get back on the topic of the homeless shelter and how we could help out over there because we feel that this we'll be a great way to help the homeless.
To conclude this week meeting there is going to be a lot to talk about and we have alot of work to do and our homeless group has to get it popping.

English Quiz

1. Why did George shoot Lennie?
He did not want Lennie to be shot at by the other men on the farm
2. Who killed Curly's Wife?
Lennie did by snapping her neck
3. What was Candy handicap?
He had only one arm
4. How did Lennie's puppy die
From Lennie petting his dog to hard
5. What did find inside of Lennie's pocket when they were walking to the farm
A dead mouse
6. Who took care of Lennie before George
His Aunt Clara before she died
7. How much would it cost for George and Lennie to buy there home
It would cost them 650 dollars to by the home
8. What did Lennie do to Curly
He broke his hand
9. What was Curly before he was working on the farm
He was a boxer
10. Who was the boss' son on the farm
The boss son was Curley